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Latest update: May 23, 2018

This Website collects some Personal Data from its Users/Visitators.

Owner and Data Controller

Owner contact email:

Types of Data collected

The data collected through this site or through third parties are: country, cookies, usage data, as you use this site and your email address.

Collected personal data may be provided free of charge by the visitor or automatically when using this Website.

Unless otherwise specified, the data requested by this site is required, without this data this site will not be able to function. If the site says that certain data are not necessary and mandatory, visitors are free not to share this data.

Visitors who have not encountered mandatory personal information are advised to contact the site owner.

Visitors have full responsibility for third-party data obtained through this site by confirming the third party's consent to provide the data to the owner.

Methods of processing

The site owner ensures and takes security measures to stop unauthorized access, modification, disclosure, or destruction without authorization of the data.
Data processing is done by using computers for the purpose of data policies to be used for marketing, sales as well as external parts such as advertiser hosting providers, etc. Visitors can request the updated list at any time.

Legal basis of processing

The owner can process personal data about the visitors in the following:

  • Visitors have given their consent. Note: Under certain laws, the site owner may be allowed to process personal data as long as the visitor does not oppose it ("opt-out"). This is not true when it comes to the processing of personal data and is subject to European data protection legislation;
  • Providing the data is useful for reaching an agreement with the visitor.
  • Processing is required in the site owner or a third party.
  • Regardless, the owner will be available for any clarification based on the processing law and if the provision of personal data is due to a legal need or need to conclude a contract.

Under any circumstances, the site owner will help to clarify the legal basis when providing personal data on the contractual side.


Generally, data is processed at the administrator's office. Sometimes the data can be transferred to other countries, visitors can find out more in the "Personal Data Processing" section.

Visitors are legally entitled to know the legal basis for the transfer of third-country third-party data outside the European Union.

Retention time

The data that has been collected will be stored as long as the purpose for which they were collected requires it.


  • The data collected for the contract between the owner and the visitor will be retained until the contract ends.
  • The personal data collected by the site will be kept until the purpose for which they were collected. Visitors can ask for specific information by contacting the owner or by reading sections with relevant parts.

The site owner may keep personal data for a predetermined period if the visitor has given his / her consent. Under certain legal circumstances, the owner may be required to keep personal data to fulfill a legal obligation for a longer period of time.

After the retention period has passed, personal data will be permanently deleted.

The purposes of processing

In general, personal data is collected for the purpose of its site: database management, marketing, site hosting infrastructure management.

Detailed information on the processing of Personal Data

Personal data are collected for the following purposes:


For publicity, some data can be used for advertising, with banners displayed on the site sometimes based on the interest of visitors. But this does not automatically mean that all the data collected is used for this. The terms of use of the data are described below.
Certain services of the site may use cookies to identify visitors and their behavior, even those detected outside of this site. For a better understanding, please refer to our privacy policies.
Our site visitor may at any time waive any of the following services by waiving the use of cookies by visiting: Network Advertising Initiative opt-out page.

  • Google AdSense (Google Inc.)

    The third party that uses cookies on our site is Google Adsense, an advertising service that uses cookies to track the visitor's behavior with regard to advertisements as well as products and services offered. Visitors can always disable all of these Google cookies by clicking on:

    Personal Data collected: Cookies and Usage Data.

    Place of processing: United States – Privacy Policy – Opt Out. Privacy Shield participant.

  • DoubleClick for Publishers (Google Inc.)

    This site uses DoubleClick for Publishers, which is an advertising service provided by Google Inc., which allows the site to run advertising from external ad networks where the site may be unrelated. Visitors can drop tracking by different advertising recipes, as follows:Youronlinechoices. In order to understand Google's use of data, consult Google's partner policy.
    This service uses the “Doubleclick” Cookie, which tracks use of this Website and User behavior concerning ads, products and services offered.
    Users may decide to disable all the Doubleclick Cookies by clicking on:

    Personal Data collected: Cookies and Usage Data.

    Place of processing: United States – Privacy Policy.


In this section, the site contains traffic monitoring and analysis services by tracking visitor behavior.

  • Google Analytics (Google Inc.)

    The google analytics analysis service provided by google uses the data collected to examine this site for different activities and services.

    By getting the information from this site, Google can customize and contextualize their ads.

    Personal Data collected: Cookies and Usage Data.

    Place of processing: United States – Privacy Policy – Opt Out. Privacy Shield participant.


Interaction with different networks and external platforms

This site through its services allows interaction with certain social networks and other external platforms.
This site by interacting with other social networks to obtain information will always be subject to visitor privacy settings.
This service can gather traffic data for all pages where it is installed, even when visitors do not use it.

  • Facebook Like button

    The Facebook button is a service that allows you to interact with the facebook network

    Personal Data collected: Cookies and Usage Data.

    Place of processing: United States – Privacy Policy. Privacy Shield participant.

  • Google+ +1 button

    The Google+ +1 button is a service that allows you to interact with the google network

    Personal Data collected: Cookies and Usage Data.

    Place of processing: United States – Privacy Policy. Privacy Shield participant.

  • Twitter Tweet button

    The Twitter Tweet button is a service that allows you to interact with the twitter network.

    Personal Data collected: Cookies and Usage Data.

    Place of processing: United States – Privacy Policy. Privacy Shield participant.

The rights of Users (visitors)

Users / visitors may request certain rights on data processed by the owner.

Visitors have the following rights:

  • To withdraw consent at any time. Visitors are entitled to withdraw their consent even if they have forwarded it for the collection of their personal data.
  • Object to processing of their Data.Visitors have every right to oppose the processing of personal data if the data processing is different from the one in the consent. More info below:
  • Access their personal data Visitors have every right to know if the data is processed by the site owner and to obtain a copy of the processed personal data.
  • Check and look for the rectification. Visitors can ask to check how accurate the data is and to be able to update and correct it.
  • Restrictions on the processing of their personal data Visitors have the right to restrict data processing under different circumstances, this will force the owner not to process the data but only to store it.
  • Visitor data has been deleted. Visitors have the right to obtain the deletion of their data from the owner.
  • Receiving and transferring data to a third party. Visitors have the right to receive their data as well as structured in a readable way.
  • Lodge a complaint. Visitors have every right to complain to the competent data protection authorities..

Information about the visitor's right to oppose data processing

If personal data were collected for the public interest in the exercise of a public in the possession of the site or for the legitimate interests pursued by the owner, then the objection is justified./p>

Visitors must be informed and aware that their personal data is being processed for marketing purposes to find out whether the site is processing personal data for direct marketing purposes, so visitors can read the relevant paragraphs of this document.

How can visitors exercise the rights they have through the contact details given in this document, these requests may be exercised free of charge and will be addressed by the site as soon as possible, not longer than one month.

Cookie Policy

This Website uses Cookies (learn about Cookie). Learn how to control and disable your cookies Click Here.

Additional information about Data collection and processing

Legal action

Visitor's personal data may be used for lawful purposes by the site in the stages preceding legal action through the improper use of this site or its related services
The visitor declares that he has learned that the site may be required to show personal data at the request of the authorities.

More information about User's Personal Data

In addition to the information provided here in the privacy policy, this website may give the visitor additional information about certain services or the collection and processing of personal data at their request.

System and maintenance

In order to function properly, this site as well as third party services acting through this site may collect files that record the interaction of this site with visitors by collecting the IP address of the visitor.

What Information are not in this policy

For more information on collecting visitors' personal data, they may request from the site at any time. View contact information right at the beginning of the document.

The way in which requests are "not track"

This site does't support "Don't Track" requests.
To see which third-party services work with your site uses "do not track" requests, please read the privacy policies of these third parties.

Changes in privacy policy

It is advisable to periodically check this page because the site reserves the right to modify this policy at any time. The site, as far as its capabilities are concerned, can legally notify visitors by sending a notification. It is important to look at the date of the last change at the bottom of the document.

If necessary, this site will ask for a new consent from the visitor if necessary in case of certain changes

Definitions and legal references

Personal Data (or Data)

Any information that directly or indirectly identifies an individual.

Usage Data

What information is collected by this site: ip address, request time, Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) address, home country, browser type, operating system, site visit details, time spent on each page , how many pages he visited, and other parameters about the visitor's operating system operating system.


The person who visits and uses this site unless otherwise shown then coincides with the subject of the data.

Data Subject

Visiting person to whom personal data refer.

Data Processor (Data Supervisor)

Advertising agency, public authority, natural or legal person processing personal data on behalf of the controller, fixed as described on this page by the privacy policy.

Data Controller (or Owner)

If the data controller is not specified then it is the owner of this site.

This Website

The way they are collected as well as the processing of the visitors' personal data.


The service provided by this site, as described in the relevant terms on this site.

European Union (or EU)

This document, except as otherwise specified, refers to all the Member States of the European Union and the European Economic Area.


Small pieces of data that are stored in the visitor's devices.

Legal information

This confidentiality document was made on the basis of the provisions of several laws, as well as Article 13/14 of the General Regulation on Data Protection (EU) 2016/679.

This Privacy Statement refers to this site unless otherwise stated on this document.