Carcavelos Portugal

Visited in: October / 2017

  • Published on: 2018-09-28 by: Lily

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Carcavelos Portugal

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Carcavelos Portugal

Visit Portugal in October, here I will tell you only about Carcavelos where I had the accommodation. The rest of the holiday in Portugal I will write another review. Carcavelos is about 20 kilometers from the capital of Portugal and about same kilometers from Cascais, is a part of the coast of Lisbon - Cascais. In Carcavelos we were staying at Praia Mar 4 star hotel but in reality there are a very poor hotel with bad conditions, the only good part is the food and the good view of the ocean.  Let's go back to Carcavelos, it is not famous for tourists for the architectural beauty of its resorts or for its historic past but for its beach (almost 1.5 km) which is very beautiful but above of all it is preferred by surfers due to the great waves that are formed all over during the year. Carcavelos Beach is set up with different terraces, cafés and bars where you can relax and enjoy a refreshing drink and eat a good meal. Also on the beach there are two or three surf schools, from what I saw, you can rent all equipment, I think for half a day costs about 15 euros and for the whole day is about 25 euros.  Otherwise, those who do not surf can stay at the beach that has fine sand and swim.

Swimming in ocean water is a challenge because the water is very cold.

We made a bath although it was October at the beginning, outside it was 37 degrees but the water was very cold \\frozen\\ and the local people say it is the same in the summer.  At the eastern end of the beach you can visit “Forte de Sao Juliao da Barra”, you can actually see it just outside because it is not open to the public.

On Thursday every week behind the beach is a land where I understand from the locals that it is a big market. We did not visit it, maybe next time, who knows.

Well that's about Carcavelos,  a quiet resort with very friendly locals who are always ready to help you with the smile on your face.

Now I will tell you about the means of transport in case you are not with the car. To get to Carcavelos or go to another location, the train is very suitable. If you are going to Lisbon then hold the direction to Cais do Sodre station, which is the final train station. The trains go all day until midnight and the journey between Carcavelos and Lisbon takes about 25 minutes, the races are fairly regular, a ticket costs around 2 euros or 1.90 euros I don't remember well, but when you buy   first time you must  pay 0,50 euros for each card. So do not throw the card because you can reload it.

I advise you to buy at the counter even though there are automatic tickets in many languages are quite complicated. If you buy tickets from the automatic it is good to keep the receipt, we had same problems with the card from automatic tikets, did not work and if we did not have a receipt then we would have had to buy the tickets again.

Here is the city train schedule I hope to be topical:
Last news:  from the summer of 2018 I understood from a friend that was this summer that it is a new \\Beach Pass\\ ticket valid for 7 days at the price of 12 euros
Here are the rates:

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